Stickin’ Out Language Training Via Theater

Entertaining English
Language TheaterParticipants rave:

“…we can appreciate a thorough professional honesty…in the way they interact with the audience…and in their command of the bare stage which foreshadows real genius and originality…”
Luciano Garcia
English Literature
Universidad de Jaén, Spain

“..they are great actors, able to improvise and to adapt to nonforeseeable cues so that the show could always go fluidly on…”
a 36-year-old woman play participant
Jakarta, Indonesia

“…it is a very worthwhile experience for teachers of English because it shows us dramatic techniques which we can employ in our classes…”
George Tunnell
Director, British Council
Bilbao, Spain

Spanish Language
Learning theaterThe word is out:

“Non-native speakers go away with a tremendous sense of achievement…”
Bob Carrington
Director, British Council
Porto, Portugal

“…Los alumnos disfrutan y participan enormemente al tiempo que reconocen que les ayuda a mejorar con la lengua”
Helena Mazo
Directora Español para Extranjeros, International House, Madrid, Spain

“Since the very aim of language is for them to be used, this experiment deserves to be tried all the more as the audience enoyed the performance so much.”
Emil Sueur
News Director

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Extracurricular activity:

The Peninsula summer School presents a continuous growing experience for teachers who demand more from them

Stickin' Out